Ville de Passy

In order to successfully carry out an ambitious municipal project, the town of Passy expresses its desire to strengthen its identity and brand. With its exceptional geographical location and history, the town of Passy is unique in many ways. Its territory is spread over a considerably large area including mountains, plains, plateaus, lakes, rivers and forests.

This particularity gives it a special topographical representation. The territory is thus divided into 6 main zones which are the six hearts of Passy. Each of these hearts has its own characteristics and identities, making the natural, cultural, and sports heritage of the town rich.

This fragmentation thus requires the design of a common central identity in order to make the connection between these 6 hearts visible under a common banner. For Passy, we chose to create a logo composed of two entities, a Rose Window and a Typography.

The Rose Window: The town is made up of 6 hamlets, which are the hearts of Passy. Although very vast, the richness of the town, represented by the star in negative space, lies in the close connection between these places.

The Typography: The name of the town is constructed using a unique font, which emphasizes the singularity of Passy.

Together, they resonate with both the location and characteristics of the territory, as well as the development ambitions nurtured by the town.

For each hamlet of the town, a variation exists. This allows us to emphasize the singularity of each heart while also marking their belonging to the territory of Passy.

We have developed a unique font reserved for the town of Passy and associated brands. Named Varan Sans in homage to the Aiguille de Varan, a peak that can be seen from different locations in the town, this font is a refined and modern sans-serif.  Added to its use in the logo, its extended shapes and thick strokes make it ideal for signage. In addition to the classic symbols, we have designed a set of glyphs that can be used as needed, ensuring its unique and original character.

To emphasize the natural variety of Passy, we chose to use contour lines. They highlight the plains, watercourses, and mountain ranges. These are the main graphic elements. Contour lines are used as graphic dressing elements, so they should not attract too much attention. All or some lines can be used in color or gradient on a dark or light solid background. All orientations are allowed. These elements allow for creativity in their use.

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