Grains de Sel Cie

Grains de Sel Cie is a collective that supports individuals and organizations in change. Their approach, based on collective intelligence, shared governance, and appreciative inquiry, places the human at the center of the process.

How can we harmoniously make all elements of identity work? How can we make appropriate use of the fluid logo and pictograms, colors, patterns, and typography? To address these issues, we have superimposed the different elements, prioritizing readability and clarity.

We wanted to convey the idea of change and evolution, integral parts of their work, by creating a fluid system where the pictogram can vary depending on the context.

To define the collective’s identity, we chose to convey emotions through abstract patterns: waves, spirals, repetitions, distortions, creating a visual landscape that is identifiable in line with the collective’s purpose (notion of change, evolution).

Download the brand guidelines.