Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs, one of the leaders in the outdoor industry in the United States, offers a complete range of products for outdoor activities: tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags.

The brand was co-founded in 1965 by George Marks and Bob Swanson, two friends passionate about hiking, adventure, and colleagues in the legendary Berkeley store “The Ski Hut.”

We have taken charge of their B to B communication management with stores, the press, and professionals in French territory.

The majority of the communication material comes from the American branch. Some products are specifically tailored for the European market. We regularly design graphic and editorial material in line with the brand’s philosophy, values, and graphic charter.

An important part of our support is the regular management of email campaigns targeting specific segments. Thus, the brand’s strategy is regularly adapted based on indicators that we follow precisely.

For each key product, we design tailored press releases that we send to specialized magazines and websites.

Since 2022, Sierra Designs has been rapidly growing in France. We oversee the “Ambassador” program, which brings together influencers.