Maison des Artistes de Chamonix

As part of the launch of new activities within its premises, La Maison des Artistes in Chamonix wanted to adopt a new visual identity.

We focused on redesigning the logo and the graphic universe, as well as its application on various communication media, social networks, and the website.

The new identity resonates with the venue’s new project, which is more open, colorful, and bright, in line with more eclectic activities that are no longer exclusively musical. The logo consists of two elements: a pictogram and a typogram. The latter is quite simple, the brand name written in Maison Regular, a font created by us.

Originally, a monogram was considered. We moved away from this idea, retaining the highly symbolic shapes of the letters.

Finally, the pictogram is a modular set of musical notes. This approach allows for the creation of numerous geometric variations for the logo and other graphic elements.

Our research led us to compose 24 graphic variations of notes that can be used both for fluid logos and as graphic design elements.

Download the font Maison