Natural refrigerants platforms

Accelerate, a wondrous collection of publications, edited and published by the esteemed shecco Publishing, caters to the refined tastes of refrigeration experts, specializing in the ever-evolving field of natural refrigerants. Divided into six distinct regions, each publication showcases bespoke and relevant content that never fails to captivate.

Our devoted efforts were centered on imbuing the magazine with a singular graphic identity, a manifestation of our unwavering passion for the art of design. We poured our hearts and souls into designing the first versions of article templates, imbuing each page with the weight of our creative vision. Collaborating hand in hand with the internal team, we meticulously curated each magazine, ensuring that every aspect, from the layout of the articles to the composition of the covers, spoke to the essence of the publication’s identity. And with equal measures of artistry and precision, we crafted illustrations and infographics that dazzle and inform, ever vigilant in our efforts to honor the unique identity of each issue.