Funky Round

Funky Round is a vibrant and energetic typeface designed to bring the spirit of disco and funk to your projects. This geometric font captures the essence of the disco era with its bold, rounded shapes and playful letterforms. The typeface is available in two distinct styles:

Plain Style:

The letterforms maintain a balance between legibility and the unique, funky character of the font. Perfect for adding a touch of retro charm to headlines, posters, or any design where a clean, yet lively typeface is desired.

Striped Style:

The striped style takes Funky Round to the next level with dynamic stripes that run through each letter, reminiscent of disco dance floors and funky patterns. This style adds a layer of excitement and movement to the typeface, making it ideal for attention-grabbing titles or bold design statements.

Use Funky Round for party invitations, event posters, music album covers, and any project where a lively, retro aesthetic is desired. Experiment with color combinations to enhance the vibrant and playful nature of the typeface. Pair with bold graphics and illustrations to create a cohesive and visually striking design.