CITEO – Kit d’accueil

The welcome kit is a document that gathers all the important information for new employees at CITEO. In terms of design, our goal was to create a document that, while adhering to the organization’s brand guidelines, offered a more welcoming and human artistic direction. Therefore, we decided to incorporate illustrations to accompany the essential information.

The result is a document that is both clear and visually pleasing, while also evoking a sense of closeness with the organization. By incorporating illustrations, we aimed to create a more engaging and approachable experience for new employees as they navigate through the provided information. The illustrations not only enhance the visual appeal of the document but also serve as visual cues to highlight key points and provide a sense of cohesion.

Through this creative approach, the welcome kit successfully combines functional clarity with a warm and friendly atmosphere, creating a positive first impression for new collaborators. The use of the organization’s branding elements ensures consistency and reinforces the sense of belonging and connection to CITEO.