Bright Views

Drawing on extensive experience and a broad network in the pharmaceutical and tech industries, Bright Views is the ideal partner for the rapid development of activities through consulting, auditing, coaching, and end-to-end project management services.

We have chosen to combine the symbols associated with secret societies with the visual codes of so-called “corporate” organizations. In order to achieve a convincing result, we have chosen to simplify the graphic treatments to the maximum.

We have opted for a monochrome palette whose main hue is a deep blue that inspires calm and confidence. The icons and pictograms are designed with clear lines and have an extremely modern appearance. They use graphic elements belonging to occult and religious iconography such as halos, rays, or the eye.

The images are worked to display an engraving effect that invokes the techniques used for printing stamps or banknotes.

Finally, we have developed the design of a unique typeface named Bright, which constitutes the logo. This characterful, linear font with elegant curves inspires all the seriousness and expertise of Bright Views.